Design Elements

This is a collection of shortcodes and Section (row) Settings variations!

Features Teaser

This is a « Features Teaser » shortcode, put in the first of three columns of a VC-row. It has an image, title and text.

Features Teaser

Every VC Row has it own settings like Header and Subheader text that can be styled as Fancy or elegant.

Features Teaser

Columns have settings also! This particular has a left border.

Call to Action Inside a "Dark" Color Setup

in row settings you can also select a skincolored setup

This Button is optional

This is a Row Headerand this is its subheader, styled fancy

Compare Before & After!

This is a Horizontal Teaser shortcode, put inside a light-sectioned row that has header and subheader text styled as Fancy. You can setup text and media, reverse the sides, put video, photo or even an Image Compare as shown on your right.

This Section (Row) is light and has Top Side Corners Shown from the Row-Settings. If you change it in black, all texts will invert.


Well... hello parallax!

call to action shortcode inside a parallax-enabled row

Dark portfoliothis is classic and elegant

FANCY SECTION HEADERcan also be .elegant and is centered

PlanOnecan also be .special


This is where you put the description of the service if you feel like doing so.

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Service Teaser

This is where you put the description of the service. In hac habitasse platea dictumst. Suspendisse non tellus ligula. Morbi molestie feugiat tortor a hendrerit.

Optional Button

OUR DEAR CLIENTS SECTIONwith an .elegant section header!